Boston Compass Newspaper is an artist-run, multifaceted media collective serving the Greater Boston area since 2010. By focusing on local music, art, activism, and identity, BCN commits itself to making Boston and its surroundings a better place for artists and humanity at large. 


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BCN’s mission is to put power back in the hands of the people by providing opportunities for self-expression and subversive discourse. As an artist-run, community-based publication, we act as a platform for non-commercial, undervalued artists and organizations, especially BIPOC, ALAANA+ LGTBQIA+ lives. BCN aims to uplift the voices of those often left behind by capitalist ideals and authority, fostering a resilient media landscape that prioritizes people over profit.

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A daily feed of columns and art by some of the most dedicated artists in the area. Easily accessible to all and navigable so you can hone in on any corner of Boston’s art and activism scenes.



A free 8-page arts & culture publication produced monthly by over 60 volunteers and distributed to community spaces and street boxes across Greater Boston. The artists that fill the pages are dedicated to forward-thinking journalistic and creative writing endeavors, and honest self-expression that keeps DIY and zine media alive.

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Our newest addition to the BCN collective: a Youtube page for original BCN video content including artist interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, live music and more!