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12 Hours

By Qadir Shabazz for BCN #134

April 22, 2021

Rising is the sun amongst the existence of human life, in the abundance of light that pours -- unfolds a new beginning. A new beginning unfolds through the stages of the sunrise for humanity to awaken and to move their minds towards a greater purpose. If it is a greater purpose that the mind gravitates towards naturally then the source of energy comes from the horizon of light, it comes from the rising of the sun as it illuminates the ghetto, as it illuminates the streets and houses of every borough throughout every state and country that stands. Within this matter of illumination, there is an understanding that the kind of light the sun provides is also accompanied by temperature -- and by temperature there is a sense of warmth that goes against the layers of cold lingering from the darkness, lingering from the phase of the moon light. I’ve begun to understand this as a source of energy, a matter of energy being provided from the sun as it spreads throughout the world.

The Sun is a ball of energy, radiating the solar system with light - warmth and energy. The Sun is the origin of life, it is what holds the solar system together keeping everything in place within its axis. While the sun is the heaviest planet amongst the rest, it is bound to have a bigger gravitational pull than the lighter planets which makes it the origin, the focus point, the muscle that keeps the rotation of the solar system together.

Underneath the Sun, memories project themselves into blank spaces that once was a house from the views within a bus ride. Imagining these memories vividly to feel something, the process of understanding the dialogue and emotions within these memories give me a sense of growth - experience, hope. Underneath the Sun unfolds the reality of whom we are, where we are. 18 degrees underneath the Sun, all you can think of is why is there not any warmth to protect me from this cold? Then when you look around you see the faces deep within coverage wondering if they too are thinking the same as you. Black faces in black places, when the Sun is bright and close to your roof - tie the knots of the shoes of your brain a little tighter for the ground it be flat and everlasting. The exercise is needed indeed because the ghetto is full of wisdom, the ghetto when the Sun shines throughout the four seasons will tell you everything about who it is you are. All you have to do is relax. In the many phases of the Sun, the variation of temperatures determine our emotional patterns and how we consume a thought process. What is around us at the moment is the bit of information that could be useful to recognize one’s own purpose, one’s own image and place of existence. Perhaps filling into the stereotypes projected by white superiors and black sellouts. The beauty of the Sun’s purpose will last a lifetime, we exist underneath it for 12 hours.


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