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Allston/Brighton Community Building: Interview w/ IBOOKTHINGS

BCN Chats w/ Local Organizer and Community Building Effort IBOOKTHINGS

Sam P: IBOOKTHING! You sure do :) Tell us how you got your start booking things?

IBOOKTHINGS: Well it all started when I was 15 playing in my first band, I had already grown tired of only playing locally so I started researching what spots around the SF bay area allowed all ages or under 18+ to perform. By junior year of high school I put on and booked my first legal production involving pulling permits, entertainment licenses and hiring licensed security to host a benefit show for Amnesty International which raised over $2,000. From there it snowballed into hundreds of shows played and booked all over North America. Big shout out to my mom though who would call me out of school so I could record, play shows and tour.

SP: I see you booking primarily in Brighton/Allston would you say this community is an inspiration for your gigs or are your gigs inspiration for your community? It can be both of course

IBT: I'd say more so the community is an inspiration for the gigs. The Allston/Brighton Music community gave me so much since I moved here in 2006 between the thriving basement scene of the 2010’s to working at/playing/booking shows at Great Scott & O'briens Pub. I was lucky enough to be in a certain time and place in Allston/Brighton music history that allowed me to have seen and played so many good shows at now defunct venues and be welcomed by and learn from some of the best and honest in the business like RTT Presents that professionality and punk ethos can go hand in hand when booking events. When it comes to touring bands though I do not restrict my booking to any one area, i'm always willing to help them get any show within the Boston area as I know the routine of how hard this city and tours are to book.

SP: Love that you’re tapping the Sil for gigs now.. how did that come to happen? Love to see small businesses host genuine happenings.. I’m getting my tattoo next week

IBT: Over the years living and playing in Allston I’ve got to meet a lot of wonderful musicians one of which being Nick Grieco who plays in Actor/Observe and Sweetie. It kind of came out of left field although I'm sure it had been in the works for some time to make shows happen there, but Nick messaged me online asking if I was interested in booking a show a week at The Silhouette. With as much popcorn and PBR I've consumed there I couldn't pass up the offer. We got a PA and some general supplies and the shows have been going great every week with many sellouts already! Sarah who operates the bar and Bill the Monday night bartender as well as the rest of the staff at The Sil have been so welcoming to us to make it happen and I'm excited for many more years of great music in everyone's favorite dart room. Also congrats on the future free hot dogs for life status.

SP: Is this a one person show or do you have an IBOOKTHINGS team?

IBT: Don't let the “I” in the name fool you, even if an event is solely booked by myself it's 100% always a community effort to make anything happen. There would be nothing to book without the artists and musicians, there would be no sound without sound techs, there would be no record to look back on without photographers. Even on a small local show it takes a lot of community effort to make sure the show goes well and it's that sense of community of a group of people making something happen that has always drawn me to booking events. Although a lot of the email work on my end is ran solo im 100% always down to collaborate on events like I'm doing with Content Brakes for our 11/1 Industry Night at Garage B.

SP: What is the next thing and how can people follow you and take advantage of your offerings?

IBT: I always have something stirring around in my head for something new to do, so be on the lookout for a single day music fest in cambridge next year booked by myself and Isolated Incidents. Other than that make sure to catch the last Industry Night 11/1 before we go into hibernation for the winter planning our biggest one yet for the spring. Every Monday night at The Silhouette and every Thursday night at Notch Brewing in Brighton for the shows. Additionally the bi monthly burlesque show Hips and Hops produced by Kitty Levesque at Notch Brighton as well. At every event I'm involved in I will ALWAYS accept shelf stable food donation and health supplies for the boston pantries as well. As far as social media goes I'm most active on Instagram and TikTok but search @IBOOKTHINGS on facebook, instagram, TikTok, twitter, linktree, gmail and venmo and you will find me under the spelling as is! Thanks for your time and all you do!



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