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By : Qadir Shabazz

2 min read

An Ode To Bell Hooks (I’m Tired)

How to fulfill emptiness,

how to fulfill pain.

We seem to always normalize this thing,

This patriarchal disease that brings you into the damp depths of the mud. How you bottle that up inside brotha man?

You killing ya kidneys.

Face yourself.

You Denying the actuality of your emotions.


How to fulfill emptiness ,

How to fulfill pain.

Empower yourself.

How do we misuse the simplicity of life for the matters of degression ? Conflicted.

Parked in the alley twisting up blunts,

Covered in smoke to hide from the facilities that exist yet you become lazy

Dreaming never costed a dime,

Talking to niggas about how you feel wont cost you your life.

How real can it get?

How to fulfill emptiness,

How to fulfill pain.

That arm is in a 90 degree angle for the wrong reasons,

Im tired of seeing niggas smoke and drink themselves to sleep while the sun is still beaming.

—Qadir Shabazz

Qadir’s debut poetry album drops March 10th. Keep an eye on @q_shabazz for updates.

* Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper March 2022 #144


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