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By : BCN Artists

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Angela Krieg

Observe, collect and learn.

A native of rural New York now residing in suburban Boston, she is an obsessive sketchbook artist, archiving her experiences on paper and her iPad. She is an illustrator and visual practitioner, using images to help distill information and facilitate communication for business and social gatherings and events. She is passionate about capturing stories and perspectives that critique the standards of today and her work explores her relationship with mental health and existentialism.


LJ-Baptiste is an art educator and cartoonist from Boston. He has collaborated with media giants such as Google, Hasbro, and PBS to produce essential works of art. He is best known for his ongoing comic book series, COMIXSCAPE, which features the adventures of a bright-eyed, perpetually preteen boy and his raccoon sidekick. Whether it’s work in animation, graphic apparel designs, or COMIXSCAPE, LJ’s art can be described as distinctive, masterful, and captivating. When it comes to visual communication, LJ prioritizes authenticity, details, and positive messages.

Hunter Savage

My name is Hunter Savage and I've had a couple different pseudonyms over the years. Before I started doing more professional work, however, I decided to switch over to just my name—as you can find me across the internet, HNTRSVG—because it's, frankly, just cooler than anything I could come up with. I’m a formally trained illustrator with a BFA and am currently employed as a graphic designer. It just goes to show that the path through life is winding and not always what you expect! I’ve made and organized several zines and have a print archived at the International Cryptozoology Museum. Overall, I would consider myself a multimedia artist. For me, there is no singular answer to creating an illustration or comic, sometimes you can achieve what you want more with a medium you don’t normally use. Continuing to learn and improve upon your practice is something that I hold to heart and I hope others will also continue to learn and grow past their own schooling too!

Roden Ovak

Hello! My name is Roden—I’m an illustrator and designer based in the Eastern US. I graduated from Montserrat College of Art in 2022. I enjoy character creation, visual development, and color!

My art carries light-hearted, silly, warm, nostalgic themes and is influenced by fantasy genres. Specifically, non-epic domestic fantasy genres. Cryptids at the library, day-to-day knight chores, unexciting pirate hobbies, etc. I love creating characters I didn’t see much of, or at all, on TV as a kid. I like to keep them silly, but strong & silly but cool! (Sometimes cool in a very lame way. They lack a sort of… how should I say…  swag).

I also enjoy doing portraiture. It’s a fun and simple way for me to express myself through line and color, as well as practice or experiment with different approaches without the pressure of it having to be good. When I’m not drawing, I like to crochet, read, wrestle my dog, and video edit.

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #167 March 2024


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