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By : Poetic Pattie

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Dvalor is an emerging Afro Caribbean producer from the heart of Providence and he’s preparing to make his mark on the music industry with his forthcoming album titled “As Long As I’m Alive.” This project is a promising testament to genuine expression, collaborative artistry efforts, and a secret homage to finding love after a lifetime full of grief. The album introduces its lead single "Fallen Angels," featuring Jurdan Bryant, Xiolynn, and RIVA. The song itself tells a story about how life is full of metaphors and how as humans we all go through real trouble in real times—that’s why it’s important to keep your head up above water when the fight becomes too much. The track also evokes emotions of grief, inspiration, and introspection often experienced by “dreamers who find solace in starry skies and bustling cities.”

“As Long As I’m Alive” is in between EP and LP with a very cinematic approach mixing in industry talent and new talent all produced by Dvalor himself. The entire album is a secret homage to finding love after a lifetime full of grief, with the leading single itself being a great healing sequence for him which is why it’s so deep with its lyricism and tone. It’s very useful for those trying to move on after losing someone or something.

Where Dvalor grew up in Providence other legends are known to hail from—such as AraabMuzik & Statik Selektah just to name a few. So when it comes down to his creative production, he has over 15 years of musical knowledge spanning from the rhythmic cadence of hip-hop being infused with the rich essence of his Afro-Caribbean heritage. To get an idea, Dvalor draws inspiration from profound legacies such as 9th Wonder, Timbaland, Hit-Boy, J.Dilla, Pharrell, Q-Tip, Nujabes, and many other revered figures. Dvalor is on a truly unwavering journey to etch his own unique narrative into hip-hop history.

When it comes down to final touches, the producer always knows how to get the record together which is one of his favorite parts of production along with the ability to work with select talent. “As Long As I'm Alive” shows some of his best production skills and allows his artistry to shine through with the creation process taking him on a journey of collaboration through Boston artists and building a bridge between here and Providence.

—Poetic Pattie

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #164 December 2023


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