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BAO Fam Share: eXpozedtv Sits Down w/ Brandie Blaze

By Liz Smith for Brain Arts Org

May 18, 2020

Today’s Fam Share features a goliath in Boston hip hop scene,eXposedTV. As a media platform showcasing local musicians, eXpozedtv has a variety of projects including their magazine, podcast, and eXpozedtv TV show series. Creator and host Katiria Colón creates masterfully composed interviews/documentaries featuring local artistic luminaries. In Colón’s words:

“eXpozedtv TV show is a series that focuses on Artist! eXpozed is a platform for upcoming local artist/ celebrities, to expose, promote their work/talent to the general public. We target all art disciplines. eXpozed Covers media worldwide.”

In Season 5, Episode 4 of eXpozedtv, she sits down with rapper Brandie Blaze, a trailblazer and member of the DAP community. Colon presents a very personal and insightful conversation with Brandie Blaze about the Boston music community, hip hop nostaglia, and Blaze's supportive mother. Check it out below:

We can't wait to see what eXpozedtv comes out with next! Keep up with their latest content on their website, Instagram, and podcast series.


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