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BAO Fam Share: Introducing InDIGnation, DigBoston's New Public Affairs Show!

By Dig Staff for DigBoston

May 24, 2020

The following article was originally posted on DigBoston. Check out their amazing work covering the resiliency of the Boston community in the face of the coronavirus crisis below and on their site:

Chris Faraone and Jason Pramas host weekly streaming program

On Friday, DigBoston’s top editors Chris Faraone and Jason Pramas launched the pilot episode of a new weekly streaming public affairs show: InDIGnation. The program will feature interviews with interesting people from all walks of life in the Greater Boston area—with a special focus on local and state politics.

The first guest was Rep. Mike Connolly (D – Cambridge) talking about the travesty of starting to “reopen” the state this coming week after weeks of a stay-at-home order, and what’s up with housing policy during the pandemic.

Subscribe to the DigBoston YouTube channel for upcoming InDIGnation episodes, and check out some of the headlines mentioned:

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Facebook journalism editorial (Jason Pramas)

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