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BAO Fam Share: Local Film Maker's Inspiring Coverage Of Black Lives Matter Protest

By Paloma Valenzula for La Gringa Loca Productions

June 8, 2020

Today's Fam Share is Paloma Valenzula's coverage of the Black Lives Matter Protest on May 31st. Valenzula is Boston native and an accomplished Dominican-American writer, director and actress. As of late, mainstream media coverage has been disheartening and frustrating to say the least, so Brain Arts is happy to share this powerful video from an independent voice.

Filmed and edited by Valenzula herself, the video documents protesters marching from Nubian Square to the State House. Valenzula captions her video saying:

"Protests are meant to be seen and heard. That is why we protest. I wanted to capture this important moment and capture my city coming together and walking together."


Check it out below:

In the description of her video, Valenzula provides the following resources to donate to bail funds, Black Lives Matter, and other organizations working in the fight for justice:


Valenzula, Founder of La Gringa Loca Productions, has many other independent film projects featured on her website and YouTube channel.

One La Gringa Loca Productions project, The Pineapple Diaries, has received the recognition from several international Film Festivals. The Pineapple Diaries is a comedic web series following the lives of three best friends and their neighbor living in predominantly Dominican neighborhood of Jamaica Plain. All episodes of Seasons 1, 2, and 3 are currently available on YouTube.

"[the series] follows these dynamic Latinas as they explore love, life in their late twenties, self discovery and the absurdities of every day life."


Check out the trailer below:


Her most recent endevor is “A Show with La Gringa Loca” is an ongoing project airing on Youtube. “A Show with La Gringa Loca” is, "a homemade variety show created and produced by Paloma Valenzuela of La Gringa Loca Productions. It is in collaboration with friends and family, including performances, games, interviews, informational tutorials, segments and skits."

Valenzula writes:

"We hope this show can bring in a little joy during this difficult and uncertain time."


Check out the first episode here:


The cover photo for this article was originally posted on La Gringa Loca Productions' website

Find Paloma Valenzula on Twitter and Instagram for more information on her many projects as well as resources for fighting racial injustice.

Subscribe on Youtube to keep up with her many inspiring film projects.


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