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BAO Fam Share: Mass Action Against Police Brutality

January 9, 2021

From Mass Action Against Police Brutality:

Hit the streets with us Mon 1/18 for our Annual MLK March 4 Justice. Starting in Grove Hall at 1pm - exact location to be announced. Share widely. Take action. See you then.


1 - Jail Killer Cops! Reopen All Past Cases of Police Brutality!

2- Exonerate and Free All Wrongfully Convicted!

3 - Fire and Prosecute Police Guilty of Assaulting Protesters and Ban All Use of Rubber Bullets and Chemical Weapons on Protesters!

4 - Drop All Charges Against Protesters!

5 - End Forced Separation of Families by I.C.E. and Prosecute All Officials Responsible for Violating I.C.E. Detainee’s Human Rights!

6 - Raise the Minimum Wage to a Livable Wage Now! For Immediate Pandemic Relief, Temporary Ban on Evictions, and Immediate Aid to All Struggling Families and Small Businesses!

7 - Rename Faneuil Hall! Rename Peters Park to Terrance Coleman Park! Remove Mulligan Plaque


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