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BAO Fam Share: Massachusetts Flag Update

By Tina for Boston Compass

January 15, 2021

Today we're sharing important developments on the Massachusetts State flag, a movement for Indigenous rights highlighted by our friends at the New Democracy Coalition.

Check out this update from

After the House passed S.2848 on a voice vote on Wednesday, January 6th, at 4:30 in the morning, Rep. Nika Elugardo of Boston, a lead sponsor in the House, credited former Rep. Byron Rushing for his groundbreaking work advancing the legislation to change the flag and seal of Massachusetts. “For over 35 years, Native leaders have asked the Mass Legislature to re-examine the harmful elements of our state flag and seal,” she wrote. “Today the Legislature stands on the shoulders of long-time champion Representative Byron Rushing as we answer the call of our generation.” The commission, she wrote, “lets us re-imagine the symbols representing our Commonwealth… in a way that honors our shared heritage and our debt to indigenous communities.”
Mahtowin Munro from United American Indians of New England said the resolve represents a“first step toward repairing the harm done to Indigenous people. As the new session opens, we will be back at the State House to present bills to ban Native American sports team mascots, to celebrate Indigenous People's Day statewide, to protect Native heritage, to ensure improved educational outcomes for Native students, and to include curriculum on Indigenous history and cultures in Massachusetts public schools"

Shout out to the NDC for bringing attention to this and contributing to the progress on this front. Thank you for continuing to fight for justice and democracy for marginalized communities!


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