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BAO Fam Share: TheMuseum TV Talks Freestyling With CakeSwagg

By Liz Smith for Brain Arts Org

May 4, 2020

"We're Exhibiting The Culture's Stories."

This is TheMuseum TV's promise since 2014.

They fulfill this promise on their website and YouTube channelwhere they post performances and interviews from Boston based creatives, and keep you up to date with the latest news on music videos and events.

On TheMuseum TV’s website and YouTube channel you'll also find another example of their innovative content: The Window Seat. This new music performance series features “unreleased & notable records from Boston talent & beyond” recorded in the window of V2iii Boutique in Roslindale.

This week's BAO Fam Share is TheMuseumTV’s interview with CakeSwagg, a Boston native, lyricist, and one of our favorite MCs. TMTV sat down w/Cake to discuss her incredible feat of doing a freestyle live every Tuesday for 92 weeks:

TheMuseum TV also recently had our very own Sam Potrykus on to discuss how Brain Arts Org and Dorchester Art Project are working towards supporting artists during this time- be sure to check it out here!

The cover image for this article was originally posted by TheMuseum TV.

See more from CakeSwagg on her website and be sure to follow her on Instagram.

You can also support TheMuseum TV by subscribing on YouTube and giving them a follow on Instagram and Twitter.


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