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BET ON DAP: Support Brain Arts Org!!!

By the BAO Team <3

December 30, 2020

2020 tested everyone. Our whole world went through a paradigm shift that left our community more vulnerable than ever. This year we showed you the power of our resiliency. This year we rose to that challenge. We didn’t just survive 2020, we thrived.

In 2020, we doubled our square footage, converting vacant space into a storefront generating income for local creatives and offering free, wheelchair-accessible space for the community. We raised over $36,000 in income for artists this year through the 800+ artist opportunities we created, and we more than doubled our part-time staff, hiring dedicated, Brain Arts volunteers to paid positions.

Your support is essential to this work. Help us keep our momentum. Looking into 2021, we want to secure our real estate, build more infrastructure for the community in our space, and increase our capacity to provide a living wage for our staff.

2020 dealt every challenge and then some. We proved that we aren’t going anywhere. You can Bet on us.

Realize creative independence in systematically undervalued communities by becoming a member of Brain Arts Organization Inc:



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