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By : Poetic Pattie

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The illustrious infamous BoriRock is back at it again! Boston's champ is never going to let up and he’s giving you the cook book with all the recipes to keep the streets alive. If you need it, BoriRock got it. When he’s not in the studio rapping his heart out you can catch this Dominican & Puerto Rican native screaming out ‘ON DOGZ!’ just about anywhere. Wavy Bullet is BoriRock’s 14th project produced entirely by Grubby Pawz, which took a year in the making for the creation. BoriRock has put over 20,000+ studio hours into the game, and continues that hustle on a daily with 4 new projects on the way! It’s safe to say that this legend isn’t going to slow down or stop anytime soon.

With features from the entire Feed the Family crew and other stars like Al Divino, Estee Nack & Reyski45—get ready to hear the harsh realities of what it takes to live the lives of your favorite hood figures. He raps what he lives and we’ve had our eyes on the braid rocking, white-tee don since Fishscale and Hoot Gospel. Through his story telling we see that poetry has always been this thugs first language by the way he pours his all into dramatic prose over gun toting instrumentals.

Borirock Borirock Borirock!!

Blog Exclusive Boston Compass Content #160 August 2023


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