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Boston Based Recording Artist, Zama Drops A ‘Lockdown Soul Bop’ To Benefit Boston Youth

By Dupes for Boston Compass Blog

July 16, 2020

Whoever decided that I should check out and review this track Knows me very WELL my GOOD GOD. From the Visuals to the Overall Organic MOOD this song is a vibe. I was captivated about how this Song felt. The vinyl cracking the way the whole eased its way into my ears was SEDUCTIVE to say the least.

Lyrically the song reflects the times. It's a LOCKDOWN soul bop for real for real and what makes the feeling even more authentic is the fact that I can relate. Everyone has someone that they miss being away from and having absolutely no way of getting to. And as if it wasn't enough the language changes, she doesnt miss a beat.I dont quite understand everything she is saying but I know its Kweyol I am transported to a whole other place altogether I am transported to my Island home of St.Lucia. I am STUCK on this song Zama , Kudos to you and your team. If one good thing came out of this Quaratime Its This Song.

Love Always



Check Zama’s Stuck out below and on all major streaming platforms. Zama can be found on Instagram @rebeccazama.

Zama, is joining the Transformative Culture Project (TCP) in celebrating the young artists in the greater Boston area with 100% of proceeds from sales of her single going directly towards programs that encourage the arts and creativity in Boston communities.


Dupes is a local singer, songwriter, producer, and co-founder of Dupes Did It Music. Find him on IG @dupesdidit.


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