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By : Kevin Dacey

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While it's been hard seeing the suffering the art community has gone through during the last two years, it may be time to look forward! Live music is back (with caution!) and venues are filling up. With this return come enduring friendly faces, but also a horde of shining new faces and organizers eager to bring art back into our hungry eyes and ears! Seeing fresh names pop into the scene instills a sense of hope that tells us even if things get hard and begin to change…it might be alright in the end. As long as we keep supporting each other, independent art can survive in this city. There are so many doing this, but there are two venues we want to highlight that are providing platforms for art to keep rockin’: The Jungle, Somerville and Hustle Killer HQ, Malden. These places throw events ALL THE TIME! It's not just about the space where the music happens though, it's the people who are bringing everyone together. Hosts Greatness ASF, T.E. Fry, Dblockthaparty, DJ Stix, and DJ Wolfbane are throwing four banger shows in March with support from Artists for Artists Society and Artz Underground. Pop out and stay safe!

3/3 Jungle Vibes IV: Lilo, TJ Reynolds, Paolo O, Gio Davinci, Gigi K, Black Neptune, Cyrus Brooks, Paula Feris, Duck Duck Goofs @The Jungle 8PM-12AM 21+ $10

3/14 Keepin’ It Fresh 2: Aaron Bates, Boochini George, CaliJ617, Cyph GTTB, Cyrus Brxxks, Dean Alves, FVME Jackson and more! @The Jungle 8PM-12AM 21+ $15

3/24 C.S. Gas Presents The Gas Pack: Paula Feris, Mo Flow, Camarie, Jones, Lilo, T.E. Fry, Lone, Aditi, Tj Reynolds @Hustle Killer HQ 7PM-12AM 21+ $ome Cost

3/25 Headliner Tour: Speak The Rebel, Cyrus Brxxks, Hillreye, KNG ENT, Greg Close, Paranoah, Vienna Marie, Antec @Hustle Killer HQ 21+ $ome Cost

—Kevin Dacey, BCN Editor-In-Chief

* Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #144 March 2022


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