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By : Mimi Huckins

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This summer, Save the Harbor/Save the Bay is putting on 100 free beach events, including concerts, beach parties, DJ sets, cultural festivals, wellness workshops, and much more. Nearly half of these events are taking place this month on our local beaches. A Calendar of all our events is available in over 100 languages at our blog, Sand, Sea and Sky at

We gave away $250,000 in grants to local organizations and creatives to sponsor these events, the three largest grants going to organizations that promote racial justice, access for people with disabilities and language accessibility.

Although we are hosting events on over ten different beaches, we hope you will attend two of our biggest events taking place in Dorchester this month. Beats on the Beach is a Dorchester based group that hosts collaborative community music contests and performance events. This year, they are coming to Malibu Beach to put on the Beats on the Beach Block Party on Saturday, August 27th. This will be a huge beach party full of music and live performances. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester is bringing another lively event to Malibu Beach. “BeachFest” will have youth-focused outdoor games, activities, music and food. 150 youth will be transported from Dorchester Clubhouse to Malibu beach. This event will take place on Friday, July 8th.

We are also offering trips to Spectacle and George’s Island in July and August. Join us on these free cruises to experience Boston's history, nature, and STEAM programming from the water. Join us this month for our free cruise to Spectacle Island on Wednesday, July 6th. Register for these cruises on our website at

—Save the Harbor/Save the Bay

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #148 July 2022


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