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By : Yuhraeus

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Fuegoveli is the spark in the dark for Milton. Just in time for Leo season, he dropped his four track EP Camp Wildfire. He is accompanied by features from frequent collaborators Yung Sabo, prodbytomo, Saané, and production by KiehMadeIt. Camp Wildfire is essentially setting up the scene of what Fuegoveli has in store for his audience in 2022. The EP has a track list that consists of “Woke Up (Ready)”, “Smoke Count Strip”, “Patient Zero”, and “Casino”. The project is made up of straight bangers with a switch up of the sauce here and there. Here’s my take on the first two tracks of the project. If you could make a run away train a song, “Woke Up” would be it. Greeted immediately by heavy bass, poppy snares and hypnotic synths, Fuegoveli slides on beat along with some melodic backing vocals. Yung Sabo hops in with an aggressive cadence and a chip on his shoulder and really owns the track with his verse. Tomo aka prodbytomo finishes it off with an auto tuned vocal downloaded fresh off the metaverse and references per usual getting to this money. Shout out to the producers KiehMadeIt and Island J because “Woke Up” is a money anthem. Catch the video out now by MurkTSG and Tomo with some crazy digital distortion and a random school bus. “Smoke Count Strip'' featuring Saané is a high energy bop about a college girl. The chorus is pretty catchy, going like “Got a college girl, she just want to Smoke and Count and Strip. Pop a shroom and now she dancin’ with the stars in the whip”. The upbeat melody will have you automatically head bopping just in time for you to hear Saané make love to the beat, like they left this track with two kids and no daddy. Fuego picks the beat right back up and is a great father figure for a couple bars before Saané comes back and is like “I got the milk!”


Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #149 August 2022


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