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By : Poetic Pattie

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Boston native Chavo is back with ‘You Get The Picture’, a very rich album full of 24 gem’s executively produced by Chasey Peralta–another distinguished figure in Boston’s all-star music scene–along with the help of Come On P, DDot and  Zach Drvke. 

Throughout the sequencing of the tracklist most of the songs begin or end with infamous movie quotes that we all know and live by. For this rapper he lives the star studded hollywood lifestyle on a personal basis telling the tales of luxury sports cars, expensive jewelry and label deals just not making the cut. In his track ‘Interviews’ he rhymes about how Massachusetts has his heart while carrying Boston on his back like Jason Tatum’s jersey. 

Chavo began his musical career at just the age of 7 from always being around his father–who also lived the same intriguing rap star lifestyle. His father put him in a position to excel and let his niche shine when he thrived off of the alias of Ray Ray but for this star he really stepped into his full artistry as Chavo within the last 6 years. For Chavo he believes the key to rising above defeat that artists typically face is by dropping and being consistent because no matter what the more music you drop the more people will listen–“if you feel like your back is against the wall—in the long term you’ll see the fruits of your labor.”

When it came down to conceptualizing this album versus his other album series such as Chavo’s World, Chavo hand picked everything down to the beats as opposed to letting the producer have creative control like in Chavo’s  World. This project has a lot of his personal input on it and displays a reflection of him whereas Chavo World 3 was all Pierre Bourne. Chavo also doesn't shy away from showing his fans love either, the star has come across a lot of amazing producers in his comment that he’s willing to work with if it makes sense. He thoroughly believes that creatives should be open to collaborations because it can motivate you to go harder or even learn something new. Already we’ve seen Chavo working exclusively with the likes of Pierre Bourne, Asap Ant, Cousin Stizz & Veeze.

This year we can expect to see a lot of tapes coming from the artist–who’s already on a head start with the release of ‘Hood Luva 3’ . With the hopes of landing a partnership deal with a major label Chavo want’s his fans to know there's a lot of new music coming. As a collective Chavo wants the scene to continue putting out more dope shit and keep being innovative because,“Just like these other cities, we can do it too.”

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