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By : Brenda Echeverry

2 min read

Our garden will flourish if we allow it to.

If we plant our seeds honestly,

And cultivate them patiently.

If we choose to bask in the sun rays

And find nourishment in the rainy days.

If we speak to the blossoms adoringly,

And clip the dead bits lovingly.

If we summon the bees to sip the pollen,

And carry on when the petals have fallen.

If we invite the birds to pick the fruits,

And take comfort in the worms wriggling among the roots.

If we reap the harvest gratefully,

And live out our love sustainably.

Then no harm will come to our garden.

—Brenda Echeverry (2021)

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #148 July 2022


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