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DIY Filmmakers Continue to Lift Spirits with Their Absurdist Comedy Art

By Travis Benson for Boston Compass #124

June 11, 2020

We’ve come a long way with humor that makes my aunt uncomfortable at Thanksgiving dinners. After a certain duo brought a certain funniness to the masses a little over a decade ago, there’s been a steady growth in both derivatives and successors in what might be called “anti-humor,” a genre name about as accurately descriptive as “intelligent dance music.”

My poor music taste aside, Advanced Education for Average Adults is here to help teach us what else comedy has to offer, and to “breakdown difficult topics for weaker adults.” Join Alex, Peter, and friends, as they rescue each other from porn, compete for friends, and prove ghosts exist.

The titles of videos alone are enough to illicit clicks with names such as “Adult Friendship” and “Human Pornography.” The two hosts will take weaving paths to arrive at lessons for said weaker adults, with many different styles and interstitials thrown along the way and enough editing to virtually be a character itself.

Learn about the propaganda and policies of the Liberal Arts-Right. Understand the legal ramifications of being misdiagnosed as a ghost. Play the board game Safe Arguments, a perfect get-together for “family fight nights” and “casual funerals.” Look up your porn keywords by mailing a sample of semen to AncestD and hope it doesn’t come back to you in the mail.

We have much to learn from this gift from Alexandra Derderian, Peter Levine, and Stuart Roelke, and their Weird Local Productions and Triple Yeah Productions. Their knowledge-saturate videos can be found on their Weird Local Productions YouTube channel and Triple Yeah's channel. My aunt may never like me at Thanksgiving, but Advanced Education can help me cope and adjust to this world as a weaker adult.

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