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Down the infinite vine, Karen Zanes - "Cloaked"

By Michael Mambrino

September 16, 2021

2 min read

Karen Zanes is a musical and aural virtuoso. Being the director of Infinity Vine Records as well as playing in the experimental electronic powerhouse of a collective Violet Nox (as well as The Freeways / Second Day Venom), Zanes has quite the independent repertoire. On her latest album Cloaked, every note feels played with the intention to soothe the mind and soul. In fact, the title preambles the album impeccably since when you listen to it, you feel as if you're in a sonic blanket with a thick yet very comfortable texture to each song.

On this record you will embark a journey that seamlessly flows from track-to-track and with a rare elegance and poignancy that can only be produced once. Songs like Blue Champagne and She Walks In Slippers feel exquisite and distinctively subtle to the point where you want to take notes of thoughts you think of while listening to fully augment the experience. The hints and dashes of Zane’s songwriting flourish on this album unbroken and faultlessly.

When I listen to this album I picture a mystic garden as its backdrop and each flower is blossoming with character and colors beyond what the naked eye can see. Songs like Carnival Mirror and Carousel Song project kaleidoscopic visions that are nostalgic and wistful yet spark joy and wonder at the same time.

Her unique compositions of organs / synths , soft percussion, ukulele, and acoustic / electric guitar is reminiscent of psychedelic folk at its finest and most introspective. The guitar instrumentation is especially delightful and intertwined tastefully with its supporting tracks. This record is a prismatic and divine experience from start to finish. Go give it a listen for yourself and purchase the CD or Record at the link below!


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