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Empowerment Through Online Festivities: Qwear Pride 2020

By Olivia Deng for Boston Compass (#124)

June 9, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has derailed any possibility of in-person events, but people have found ways to adapt to these strange and uncertain times, connecting with their communities through virtual events. In the past two months, Zoom hangs and Instagram Live shows have become the norm. Qwear Pride 2020 joins the fray of online events with an all-day virtual Pride festival on June 13, hosted on Facebook Live. Qwear Pride 2020 states on their site that the event is “An all-day virtual Pride festival that aims to uplift the community through music, performance, fashion, and interviews.”

The speakers are Blessitt Shawn B., a writer who challenges beauty conventions; Dr. Alexis Chavez, MD, a doctor who founded LGBTQ+ clinics; Mateo Emanuel Alejandro Rojas, a Latino trans activist; Lilac Vylette Maldonado, co-founder of Los Angeles Spoonie Collective; Sky Heyn Cubacub, founder of Rebirth Garments; Shiona Heru, JD, a transgender legal expert and researcher; and Kharlybia Roane, a documentary filmmaker. Featured speaker sessions include “LGBTQIA+ Mental Health in the Time of Corona“ led by Chavez and panels include “Panel: Queer Sick & Disabled Experience.”

A number of artists will perform, ranging from musicians to dancers. There will also be an interactive fashion show. For the show, Qwear Pride 2020 organizers will showcase short videos of people modeling outfits that make them feel proud. They are accepting submissions! Visit Qwear Pride 2020. A virtual shop gives attendees the opportunity to support queer designers.

Qwear Pride 2020 is jam-packed with exciting and engaging speaker sessions, panels, performances, dance parties, and more. Don’t miss out. Follow @qwearfashion on Instagram and Twitter and visit

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