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By : Boudoir

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Boudoir is a queer arts collective that organizes unforgettable underground events, blending dance music with other art forms to foster a vibrant and sustainable queer community in Boston. Founded in 2019, the collective consists of five of the city’s hottest and most beloved DJs: Adam Unknown, Bricklayer, Math3ca, Ms. Mango, and Mx. Blaire. “Having five of us on the team allows us to combine our individual creative inspirations and come up with something that feels fresh and unexpected,” Bricklayer notes. Boudoir’s music tastes, grounded in house and techno, mirror the dynamism and diversity of the collective as well as the trendsetting audiences who come to dance the night away. After all, the dance floor is a site of possibility and transformation. As Mx. Blaire says, “we build spaces for queer folks to gather, to be in community, to love. It's important because so much healing can happen.”

Besides its monthly parties at Union Tavern in Somerville, Boudoir has hosted pop-up events at some of the city’s most desirable venues, from the ICA Boston to Garage B to Boiler Room at Big Night Live. “We’ve grown,” Adam Unknown observes, “but our core party ethos hasn’t changed in terms of intended audience, music, and freedom of expression.” Nevertheless, the party is a response to the scarcity of queer spaces in the cityscape. According to Math3ca, “the lack of dedicated queer spaces has to do with gentrification as well as hyper-restrictive liquor laws. Allowing underground events to have access to more venues will allow a new queer scene to thrive.”

How does Boudoir envision its future? Ms. Mango, for one, is excited for the party to expand while it continues to meaningfully use art to cultivate pleasure, intimacy, and togetherness: “Whether it’s more folks coming to our parties or having the opportunity to play at larger venues, I hope we can continue to give more safe spaces to queer people who want to hear good music.” See you at Union Tavern on October 1st!

—Boudoir, @entertheboudoir

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #151 October 2022


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