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By : Poetic Pattie

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Master of the Chamber is a premier competitive event curated & hosted by Enjoy The Thrill studios. Master of the Chamber originated here in Boston to showcase artists on every level—and from every genre. Every 2 months, 8 artists get the chance to perform 7 songs against each other in the hopes of ironing their skills in front of a crowd. On September 24th, Dom Dior, Exo Shakeem, Nate Nics, Retro GMT, Young Rob, SeeFour, Tomo and Milkshaw Benedict honored the stage with their presence but only one could reign supreme. Nate Nics stepped into the ring and savagely duked it out for the title of first ever Master of the Chamber. If you have what it takes, come enter the chamber and let your fate be decided. Abiding by the OG rules of battle rap in order to step into the chamber, each contender must pay up at the beginning to earn the prize at the end. After each round, the crowd gets to vote and whoever receives the most love from the crowd wins the title of ‘MASTER’ of the chamber. This event is, of course, not meant to put artists against each other but to give them a chance to improve many things such as their stage presence, crowd control and development. Be on the lookout for our January 7th mixer which gives locals a first hand glance of who will be gracing the stage artist for a performance on that following Saturday. Don’t forget we do it for the thrill!

—Poetic Pattie

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #154 January 2023


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