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Experimental Excursion

By Michael Mambrino

April 14, 2021

Burnout time is over. The last 2 months were packed with material, I’m limiting myself to 4 projects (2 for each month). I hope these projects will be a treat for all of you.

1. NO123NOISE - When The Wind Blows

Walls of silent cries embody this tape perfectly as you enter the realm of NO123NOISE, one of my favorite HNW artists. Texture fills this tape with an eerie character and creativity. The samples at the beginning of each track are also a nice touch though I’m not entirely sure where they’re from. This album is best for late-night listens as you fall asleep.

2. Kevin Micka - Hey Everybody

Hey Everybody is an absolute trip from start to finish. The collective synths, drums that sound like Kevin’s falling as he’s playing them, and more fill this EP with many wonders. I especially like how this project blends ambient with free jazz/noise yet it flows admirably well from track-to-track. It’s always a treat when artists create harmony within dissonance by thinking outside of the instruments and more of the intention. I highly recommend listening to this EP when you’re seeking a unique experience like very few others.

3. I Think We’re Alone Now - Unwritten

This tape is an absolutely haunting experience. As you listen, there’s a strong feeling of paranoia while the duo explores their mediums. That being said, you may have to be in the right mood and place to experience this album but if you are, Unwritten will absolutely hit hard. The transition between textural walls and outlandish strings is not to be missed and the overall vibe of this tape is immaculate.


Pollutant 5 brings you on a journey through a sailor’s eyes. This tape is an atmospheric endeavor as it brings you into the maritime world. COLDSORE brings a whole other realm of creativity into this one and knowing this album was recorded on a windy night somewhere in Finland brings even more mystical vibes.


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