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Experimental Excursion

by Michael Mambrino for BCN #135

May 15, 2021

Well, looks like I’m on paper now. It must be for a very good reason because these two weeks were home to a lot of astounding textures and sounds.

1. The Virtues - Orb of the Moon

With a name like “Orb of the Moon”, it’s hard to make anything sound as mind-awakening as such but somehow they’ve done it. The space-induced loops and ambient tones throughout the album are ghostly and are not to be missed. Throughout The Virtues, it gets more complex and introspective as the tracks go on with no awkward changes in tone. By all means, stream this album on Bandcamp.

2. Paid in Gnosis - Fuct as Punk

Deconstructing sound at its very root is Fuct as Punk, a noise superduo consisting of Chuck Steak and Dirty Steve. This tape has some of the most upfront, abrasive textures I’ve heard in a while. I see this album as a return to the cathartic qualities we tend to take for granted in complete overdrive. You can find this treasure here:

3. Inertia Nowhere - Zach Rowden

Hailing from New Haven, Zach Rowden brings the most haunting experience of this list to the table. While comprised of only 8 tracks and tape loops this tape will incite droning textures that are going to be hard to forget. After listening to Inertia Nowhere I strongly recommend brewing chamomile tea, no questions asked.

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