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Experimental Excursion August 2021

By Michael Mambrino

August 8, 2021

I’m here again to recap the grand trinity of last month’s finest releases for all of you to enjoy even with the oddest and most unusual timbres.

1. Whistling the devil to a Setting Hen - Pony Payroll Bones

This tape is what I like to describe as the grey-area between classical and jazz if it crashed into a feedback loop. With only one 41 minute track, “Beltane Eve” is an enthralling listen from front to back. I can easily imagine this being well paired with a David Lynch film score, in fact I recommend watching Eraserhead while listening to this tape for added effect. Overall this album is a tumultuous journey into the irregular sounds with regular pianos.

2. Foam, Rawlings, Staubitz - Outside at Vic’s

With the return of live shows I bought this CD-r in person in Amherst common which was an experience I was deprived of since March of 2019. This disc is thickly layered with textural recordings ranging from glitching tapes to raking leaves. It brings you to a state of noticing what was recorded from the instruments and the natural atmosphere of nature blended blissfully together. That being said, this disc isn’t found on bandcamp or discogs so to listen or purchase message @dsparkler on instagram

3. The unknown sound collective - o deliverance

Hauntingly delicate is a phrase that I like to use to describe this album. Listening to this feels like you are visiting somewhere that can only be gotten to by wandering deep enough. The gentle-but-strong chorus falsetto vocals over some of the most atmospheric soundscapes the collective has offered is a godsend. Check this out on bandcamp if you haven’t already.

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