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Experimental Excursion: December 2020 Edition

By Michael Mambrino for Boston Compass

December 29, 2020

1. Anti-Music Brigade - Feedback Queen

This tape, in particular, caught my attention quickly. I was aware of Feedback Queen and the cold spring hollow crew since a little bit before the pandemic hit but I really got to appreciate her process of making harsh noise through this tape. This release is stock-full of droning synths that are extremely hard to get bored of, there’s never an empty moment on this tape and that’s remarkable. Unfortunately, I did not get the bragging rights of seeing Feedback Queen / Varmint / Vee Vee live but going over the footage it is not to be missed either. Check this tape out on No Rent Records and enjoy.

2. My entire reproductive system has been replaced by a slide projector - id m theft able

Birthing from Portland, Maine is id m theft able, I like to describe his art as “Junkyard noise”. This tape was an atmospheric journey from start to finish, the reverb-drenched acoustics, as well as many synthy segments and samples, were not to be missed. Don’t sleep on Maine’s finest sound artist and tune in:

3. Solo for Fake Fireplace - Peter J Woods

Peter J Woods will always be remembered for me as the first noise show I went to at the Dorchester Art Project. I don’t know what fake fireplace entails but I can only imagine his creative process. This album is a quiet and almost tonal experience to be enjoyed with headphones.

2020 was the most hectic year in my lifetime and honestly, noise felt like the best way to channel that external chaos into internal clarity. I released three projects this year and I’d really appreciate it if you’d take a listen here.

For free downloads (and tapes if you’re in Greater Boston) contact me, [Michael Mambrino](, or [@Floweryspeechband]( on Instagram.


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