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Experimental Excursion #142

By Michael Mambrino

2 min read

The last year in New England’s experimental underground was a hecticly beautiful conglomeration of sound art that shouldn’t be overlooked. Ending the year off with 3 releases to relax your mind, alert your senses and to find your inner-self.

Luke Jumes has been roaming greater Boston with melancholy and outlandish folk lullabies for about a decade now and Volume 5 is now a lofi songbird’s go-to driving CD. I’ve always admired Luke’s ability to make practically any loosely connected ideas and thoughts into eloquent and divine collections of tracks. As well as revisiting and evolving old tracks like one of my favorites Out Of All, Luke produces some new originals like Saucer song which has spoken word sampling and extra-terrestrial lyrics that almost make you question if Earth is a simulation. This compilation is from start to finish, a cosmic CD where every song leaves you intrigued.

2. Uttered In Tongues - Ego

Listening to Ego is like entering a sonic journey of catharsis and healing. Riveting and calming your nerves at the same time heavily. When not a mental health counselor, Uttered In Tongues (FKA Arthur Tuttle) provides harsh-ambient noise in forms of heavy meditation tracks and visuals. Almost 40 minutes in length split into 2 tracks Ego has an astounding ability to have you fully mindful and centered of what you hear in the present moment, This tape is well worth playing when you need to rest or lay down but not fall asleep.

3. Little Priest - 1000 Days Unchanged

The Boston bugrat himself, Shawnie Brando’s solo effort Little Priest has been on my radar for a while. Listening to this ascends you in a world of apocalyptic drum-machine and guitar loops with ethereal vocals layered on top of each other smoothly. Listening to this album feels like you’re starring in the aftermath of a post-apocalyptic space movie that involves at least one alien abduction. Little Priest has proven again to practice more than preach in this recording and I am looking forward to what’s next in the sonic journey.

That is all for this month and to submit a harsh/experimental/noise/jug band project for the next issue. DM @floweryspeech1 on Instagram

*Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #142 January 2022


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