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By : Michael Mambrino

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Long time, no see! There is no time restriction anymore for experimental excursion as of the last issue. So, with no further ado, let’s explore.

There is always something unique about whatever Craig Douglas is involved in. Recorded live in Williams College and released in April 2023 on Bandcamp, this sonic collaboration has an atmospheric and innovatively-bleak sound that is hard to replicate in many places. Listening to the dark and low howl-like vocals would seem perfectly haunting yet memorable during a long walk in the woods at night.

Blending noise rock and garage, Shane Bruno (member of bridge of flowers) has released what I believe to be his first solo release, at least under Fugue State. Guitars that could very well be an air raid siren and rough, distorted vocals give me an adrenaline rush I haven’t had in a long time. The percussion at times sounds like Bruno’s keeping the stick on the drum on every beat and there’s a sense of chaos in production, which I appreciate well. This is a very Worcester-esque album so with that being said if someone plays this outside of Worcester City Hall for five seconds I’ll send you a tape. (Seriously, Instagram is at the bottom)

Honestly, the Eno nod is humorous enough to pique my interest. Not only does it follow through on a pleasant homage to Brian Eno’s ambient series, it has exceeded my expectations on the first track alone. Tiefling has been a known versatile artist, dabbling in experimental, dnb / jungle, breakcore and other forms of electronic sound. These three tracks are dreamlike and solemn at points as well and, despite the somewhat meme of a title, they feel very serious and uncompromising as well. Tiefling has proven yet again that just because you stick with one style, it shouldn’t make you afraid to branch out your musical palette more.

Experimental excursion is written by Michael Mambrino aka @floweryspeech.

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #159 July 2023


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