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Extinction Rebellion: Upcoming Protest Against Climate Injustice

By Cory for Boston Compass (#125)

July 6, 2020

Hi all,

Cory here. How are you doing?

This is a regular Compass column about protest art from Extinction Rebellion ("XR") Boston. XR is an international, decentralized protest movement demanding:

  1. Truthtelling from corporations, governments, and the media about the climate crisis and ecological collapse

  2. Immediate action to reduce global carbon emissions and halt biodiversity loss

  3. The creation of official Citizens Assemblies to lead decisions on climate and ecological justice

  4. A just transition to these more livable practices, prioritizing the most vulnerable people and establishing indigenous sovereignty and remediation led by and for communities suffering environmental injustice.


This month I'm wicked excited to let one of our upcoming events do the talking.

Catch it on Tax Day 7/15 in downtown Boston (details below). I can't give a lot of details here, but there will be a lot of protest art. If you want to get involved, sign up on the contact form at the bottom of the event page:

Fed Up With Climate Injustice!

Please sign up if you plan to attend - we need to be able to anticipate the crowd size, thank you!

On Tax Day, Wed. July 15, Extinction Rebellion Boston will lead an action demanding that our government invest our taxes in our future!

The federal government must stop giving tax breaks and subsidies to the oil, natural gas, and coal corporations that are fueling global destruction. We demand that these funds are redirected to individuals and communities on the frontline of the climate and ecological emergency and toward a rapid transition to clean, renewable sources of energy and ecological sustainability.

Our government must tell the truth about the severity of the climate crisis and establish reparations and remediation led by and for Black people, Indigenous people, People of Color and poor communities who have suffered years of environmental racism and injustice. Our current financial and political systems treat the earth as a commodity and people as disposable.

The wealthy must pay higher taxes and our government budgets must be reallocated to build cultures of care and repair to ensure an equitable and livable planet for all life and for generations to come.

We are calling on XR Rebels to participate if you feel comfortable and safe enough to do so. We will practice social distancing, wear masks and use hand sanitizer. We will not engage in civil disobedience, but we are planning a lively and vibrant day, with some special surprises.

Together we will demand power be restored to the people to set a just course of action and rebuild our relationships to one another and the earth.

Join us on Wed. July 15 at 8 am! The action is at the Federal Reserve, 600 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, MA 02210

Accessibility: Sidewalk accessible.

In love and rage,




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