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Faithfulness During Civil Unrest

By Pauline Kaba for Brain Arts Org

May 6, 2020

Remaining optimistic and faithful during these times of high uncertainty and social unrest, can be extremely challenging and can sometimes feel foolish, and even unreasonable.

How does one remain hopeful, when everything around them screams devastation and major confusion?

I looked down at my body, my thighs we’re getting thicker and my stomach fatter, the isolation was getting to me, heavily. I hadn’t washed my hair or practiced effective, good self-care in what felt like a decade and I couldn’t remember the last time I hadn’t felt anxious. Sound relatable? I found myself overwhelmed and overthinking constantly, because of this pandemic/quarantine, which proved to be extraordinarily unpredictable and depressing. Everyone’s collective sense of normalcy was being changed and challenged and my normal attitude of confidence and optimism seemed unreasonable and foolish. Although, I surpassed my anxiety through checking myself and holding myself accountable by way of appreciation; Things could be much, much worse and my inability to acknowledge that, reflected my lack of maturity and appreciation.

My biggest, humble piece of advice, to anyone struggling to process and understand their emotions during this complicated, unprecedented time, would be; Remember the good, remember the light, things are complex and painful, but whatever good aspects one is able to maintain and preserve, should be acknowledged and defined as a blessing.

Count your blessings, grieve your losses, and don’t allow fear of the unknown to disrupt the positive aspects you do know and still have access to, especially considering for some, they do not have that same ability.

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