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By : Ian McGregor

5 min read

Deep Cuts is a new music venue in Medford that offers local talent and a diverse range of genres. With limited live music options in the area, Deep Cuts is an important part of the Boston music community, providing a local option for people looking to enjoy great music without traveling that far. But Deep Cuts isn't just a music venue; it's also a great lunch spot and brewery. The menu features a variety of sandwiches and snacks from the Deep Cuts Cuban and pizza to vegan options like the Everything Soft Pretzels and the Banzo (a vegan "meatball" sub). The brewery will have a range of craft beers that are made onsite. Whether you're a fan of IPAs, lagers, or porters, you'll find something you love.

But the most important aspect of Deep Cuts is its commitment to the local music community. With a 240-person capacity, Deep Cuts bridges the gap for artists looking to perform in a mid-size venue in the Boston area. The events calendar is filling up with local and touring bands in a variety of genres and even some comedy acts. The venue is designed to be both intimate and welcoming. It's the perfect place to catch a performance and connect with other music lovers in the community.

Overall, Deep Cuts is a unique place that offers a spin on classic lunch options, house-crafted beer, and a solid lineup of shows. If you're looking for a delicious meal, a refreshing beer, or a night out listening to some great music, Deep Cuts is the perfect place to be. So if you haven't yet experienced all that Deep Cuts has to offer, be sure to check it out soon!

—Ian McGregor, Owner

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #160 August 2023


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