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By : Amyas McKnight

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1. Space Adventure is open all throughout February. Get immersed in the exploration of outer space. There will be rockets, computers, space suits, lunar modules, and more classified technology used by NASA and private sector companies. This is a family-friendly event with plenty of parking located in Chelsea, MA. The hours are WED-SUN until 7pm. Enjoy!

2. Canvas Studios is a black woman-owned paint bar located near Hyde Park on Fairmont Ave. They have awesome programming like Paint After Dark, which is a glow-in-the-dark experience. There's also the Splatter Project which is a great way to express oneself by getting messy and being a lot less restricted. You literally throw paint on your canvas. Support your local business!

3. Lawrence, MA is not that far from Boston. It's a 40 minute ride up I-93, or a 60 minute ride on the Commuter Rail. There's a new art gallery open for viewing from January 21st until February 17th. Curated by photographer Destiny Medina, Bien Brutal is dedicated to the life and beauty of the island of Puerto Rico beyond the devastation of storms, colonialism, and government corruption. Elevated Thought is the non-profit that will be coordinating the gallery launch, artists mixers, and other dope local community arts programming like poetry nights and movie nights. Tap in ASAP!

4. All right, I know we're on the outskirts of Boston, but we're gonna take it a bit further westwards to Worcester. On February 20th, there will be an artist showcase called Black Excellence. Streaming live on Hip Hop Weekly Magazine’s IG account and in person. The winners of this competition will receive a record deal, studio time, and technical assistance for business and fashion design. You can find out more about this from Smoke House Media.

5. Tiny Trap Concerts was founded in February 2021. You've seen many artist showcases produced by them inside of dispensaries all across Massachusetts from SEED Dispensary in JP to Western Front in Chelsea. February 23rd will be the 1st year anniversary of TTC. Hosted at Expozed TV Studios in Hanover, there will be artists, mixers, performances, local brands and vendors. Featuring vibes spun by DJ Bobby Bangers and performances by Lord Ju, Jovian Martian, YaYa Gabbana.

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #154 February 2023


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