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Free Nation Rebellion #138

By Qadir Shabazz

August 22, 2021

2 min read

The people will act on the accords of their specific needs, no political party is stronger than the one that resides in the streets of poverty and low economic functions. The assassination of a leader will result in two manners, one; the public will demand justice for the death of their country’s leader or two; the public will soar through the streets filled entirely with joy and relief. An enormous shindig lifting up innocent vehicles to tilt over on to their side, setting fires in the middle of the road causing massive traffic and delays in commute. Expressing the relief of finally removing the misery that their country has endured due to the capitalist state of mind in which the President has obtained.

I only wonder why we chose to keep Barack Obama for an extra term when the streets were still starved and reparations for African Americans were nowhere found whatsoever. A psychological warfare took place within those 8 years of his presidency, nothing much had really changed except for the generated ideas of setting more historical milestones and accomplishments for allowing coons into government spaces and not giving back to black. The banana man was assassinated, one part of Haiti is in tears while the other part of Haiti looks to build a new system that gives the poorest citizens a bit more optimism in how they live day to day. They say keep the rich a little richer and keep the poor scumbling for crumbs.

When the people decide to become united in rebellion, the real problem is now the hands of the corporate, the man upstairs with the eagle view has his phone ringing off the hook with Mary and Joseph crying for help saying “what are we going to do?! They are everywhere!”. The motive behind their madness? A blind man could tell you that. Pain is felt, pain is embedded within the colors of our skin, that being us - the people who’ve been slaving and making due with what they have because what was given was not enough. Good people exist, bad people exist. What is right is right and what is wrong is wrong, now, what exactly do the people need in order for things to be right? How long will it take?

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