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Goodrich Family Band — Balance, Right?

By Qadir for Boston Compass Blog

December 18, 2020

Somewhere in Jamaica Plain there’s a house full of musicians cooking up a batch of colorful tunes, and of course it is a subject that requires you to thoroughly listen to each and every single sound being produced. Within each note there’s a beautiful melody, coming from the string pulling combinations made by the musician. This seed that has been implemented within the craftsmanship of cultivating expression through sound has allowed this wonderful idea of self expression to intertwine with the acknowledgement of companionship between 4 talented artist. 4 different individuals who each play a different instrument, who each have had their own accolades and experiences within the music industry such as touring, live performances and solo project releases. This talented group is known as the “Goodrich Family Band”.

The aroma of the bands production takes over the streets of JP with their wide range of different musical genres such as Indie, Jazz, Americana, Folk-Punk and with the finishing touch of singer-songwriting.

Filled with passion is the Goodrich Family Band, carrying the attitude of nonchalance and seeking to express themselves in the ways they know best. Here we have band of musicians in which individually have their roots stem in different and similar musical gardens, constantly watering their roots to produce something new, something meaningful and expressive. They all have their own favorite instrument to play, you’ll have Eleanor Elektra pulling the strings on her dreamy Acoustic Guitar (the Acoustic Guitar is a very common instrument that is able to play the Blues, Jazz, Folk and Pop music), Max Ridley playing the jazzy historical instrument known as the “Bass” or if one should say the “Double Bass” (Charles Mingus who is an African American musician also played the D.Bass while composing the kind of music we love and acknowledge called “Jazz”), next we have Taylor Holland -- playing the infamous banjo (since the 1800’s the banjo has been able to produce for musical genres like Bluegrass Music, Traditional Irish Music and Country), and lastly of course we have Zoe-Rose Depaz playing the lovely renaissance violin in which carries a long history of different music compositions such as Classical music, Folk and even Jazz. Full of talent, full of high spirits and promising “feel good” music, after coming together in October and deciding to form the band during COVID-19, the band has released their debut EP titled “​Balance, Right?” and below you can find out where to tune in.





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