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Honest To Goodness: SeeFour Shows Continued Growth With New Video For Rap Anthem "ON GOD"

By Stephen Lafume for Brain Arts Org

May 14, 2020

Brockton! artist Seefour dropped his latest music video "On God" last week. The video just starts on 100 with some great black & white BTS footage of the crowd going crazy at his Big Nite Live performance. Watching it definitely is going to make you wish you were there so maybe you should uhh, go to a seefour show, who knows ¯_(ツ)_/¯. And okay I wasn't there either TT-TT but then the video transitions to Seefour in his hometown of Brockton! (You gotta emphasize Brockton! they lit) in a nice a** whip/ looking drippy af in front of a church cause duh the track is called "On God".

Speaking of which this track is pure energy, and all of it is coming from SeeFour.

The instrumentals are a simple melody with the occasional 808s with the rest of the space being Seefour's voice. This sh#t is an anthem quote "I see nobody that resembles me, On god! I mind my business while sipping tea, On god!" Read that three times and say you aren't hype, go head lie to me -_-.

Either way the track fire, the video fire, go crazy and check that sh*t out now!


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