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By : Sam Potrykus

9 min read

Hello BCN Readers, thanks for picking up the rag!

As we coast through fall (Boston Music Awards season), I can’t help but think about all the artists who I know who have been nominated (or even won) the Boston Music Awards but still struggle to continue the pursuit of their art due to Boston's lack of infrastructure. Y’all already know, but there are precious few paid gigs, venues, and other resources artists need. Arts orgs especially are an often overlooked factor—the orgs that work directly with artists, creating gigs and frankly doing the best, community-oriented programming. Yes, artists need support, but it’s vital to support the orgs that support those artists and musicians. These most grassroots orgs & venues need the support the most and will do the most with it. That’s why I want to show some love to our PATREON supporters—those who know what direct support looks like and how to get money directly in the hands of Boston artists via its trusted community stewards. Y’all are the most.

THANK YOU to our Patreon supporters in particular for making this publication possible, showing us that people want and appreciate our first home delivery program. In our first 9 months we have gathered 22 paid members—$178 per month which is about 25% of our total dollars paid to artists per month. Our goal is to cover this $800/mo for these 10 artists first before we get back to paying the 11th artist a month. We have always done more than our healthy capacity allows but that's all over now. We are doing it differently here as we conclude our 10th year as a 501(c)(3) and putting all that we’ve learned into play. It’s always been about sustainability—but without healing, that growth isn’t aligned with our mission and values. Compensation is care, and it takes a much greater capacity to take on such a great responsibility like paying artists. We are proud to move differently now, recognizing our capacity and prioritizing care over productivity with two primary objectives: paying artists with the newspaper and advocating for equity in the arts sector.

Check out the 10 Year Anniversary ADVOCACY HOODIE on our website to celebrate our 10 years. Rep the growth and contribute directly to our advocacy effort—attending meetings with institutions, sector building, intergenerational building etc.

Please consider joining us on Patreon so we can grow healthily and sustainably, together. $10/mo comes with home delivery of the BCN each month and goes directly towards the artists and writers contributing to each issue.

Much love and respect

—Sam P.

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #164 December 2023


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