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By : Poetic Pattie

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#ET the album is an 8 track musical masterpiece produced by Gib DJ & Latrell James. Between the nitty gritty head bumping sample in “Gutta gutta gutta” and sweet soulful beat playing throughout “I’m Only Human”, ET had us wondering too— is it better to risk it all and worth it to lose your cool? While contemplating through a multitude of sinful temptations, this 508 boxer county native reminds us to spare him the limelight drama, the pressure of being a man and understand—he’s only human too. “I ain’t have no father, I learned how to be a man.” #ET serves as the platform for his evolution that he is gracefully pushing through. His flow is uncanny, provocative and full of authentic unorthodox bars from start to finish. It’s undeniably clear that Van Buren Records will always be the talk of town and we can’t wait to see what other projects the collective creates.

DeevoDaGenius, praised Lowell producer & engineer, has just gifted us with another classic right in time for spring. Deevo Type Beat the album is the 8th and yet another generous composition full of nostalgic samples, coy titles and lush tunes meant for reflecting. The creation of meaningful and thought provoking music is nothing new to da genius and we see that in track 9 ’Angel Tears/Blooming’ where he puts on display his ability to contrast his work like night and day. While track 12 ‘All Praises’ is overflowing with just that and selective heavy hitters—the process for creating his music is just as thoughtful as the process for choosing his features. Sampling one of his homies and another local underrated star—MP on ‘El Negrito Bandito/UPS the Box’. Deevo reminds us that he is no stranger to showing love to his day ones such as—Thierno Diallo, Erdanez The Weapon, Maye Star, Reef & Seefour. Who also make special appearances throughout the album on tracks ‘All Praises’ & ‘Changin’. To get a further taste of what Da Genius has to offer, you might wanna take yourself back to his earlier projects ‘Chop Party!’ Or ‘A Genius Named Nadiv’ where his work really shows the building blocks of who exactly the infamous producer is. Not to mention gracefully creating art while grinding through school and building his own studio from scratch with the help of his collective—Unda Konstruction.

—Poetic Pattie

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #158 June 2023


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