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Introducing... ItsLitBoston Podcast

By Sho for Boston Compass (#132)

February 11, 2021

Podcasts weren't a thing in Boston back in 2015; when our platform was created, it was to give creatives and people with something to say a safe space to be heard, to give their opinions and not be judged for them.

Our podcast is another way of having therapeutic conversations. Exchanging opinions and indulging in one another's conversations is an experience that we take for granted. We hope to leave people feeling like they’ve learned something, all while understanding who we are individually and collectively. ItsLitBoston isn't just for Boston but for all communities; together we can all find our purpose and learn to understand one another in order to reach greater heights.

Sam is drawn to podcasts for the conversations. It’s therapy without even knowing it. Learning and gaining wisdom from someone's experiences are great things. Wholesome Mike brings balance to the trio with his knowledge of that which Sam and Sho could care less about. He’s the podcast's Wikipedia, and whenever the fellas start going too crazy, he’s the voice of reason that brings it back to earth. I am Sho and I love podcasting because it allows me to step away from myself and experience others whom I normally wouldn’t be around. I may seem standoffish, but I’m an open book once the mic comes on.

ItsLitBoston is the first podcast to win Best Music Podcast from the Boston Music Awards in 2019, and we don’t see ourselves slowing down anytime soon.

-- Shola ‘Sho’ Muyide Jr.


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