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By : Poetic Pattie

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Y’all surprise me every time, Boston. From the familiar faces to the new, I am always watching you guys give it your all. Singers, rappers, poets the states got the best engineers collaborating with top notch producers to create some timeless work. We’ve got some really raw talent like Clark D and Kei, who received song of the year nomination for “It’s A Stick Up!” All summer long Boston worked passionately to gather up families at BamsFest, GLD FSTVL and Boston Calling. Friend Street Project hosted weekly performances where we got the chance to mosh with almost every member of Van Buren Records. This summer was a lot but it’s worth celebrating, Boston. Lately people have been asking me “how do you know everyone” “how do you end up in these rooms with all the right opportunities?” Honestly and truly If I didn’t make these opportunities for myself I wouldn’t have them. I wouldn’t be where I am now and I know it always starts with me and it always ends there too. I always follow one rule and that is in this life please do what your heart desires no matter how late you feel the start is. You deserve that much—Boston. Being able to wear multiple hats and execute each one perfectly isn’t the goal it’s about the hunger for it and the hustle behind it.


You may have heard about The No Label Academy ran by the multi-faceted Maryland artist IDK and if you did you also probably wished that you could go to Harvard University for a week too—without the Ivy League workload. As summer sadly came to an end in August and autumn began to take over in Boston, 22 elite individuals of all artistic calibers were accepted to a week of enriched studious lectures conducted by record label executives and celebrities. During the initial kickoff event I sat next to Antony from Paris, Linda sol from Chicago and Mor from California—adorned in the famed crimson Nike, Converse and Timberland gear. After a week of absorbing insight on finances, branding and other industry related topics the students graduated in Christian Dior head to toe then celebrated their graduation in true college kid fashion—by partying it up in a frat house bumping Bia’s newly released Really Her album.

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