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The Poems of Kyle Pontes

June 26, 2021


If I had to love you

I'd buy myself a kitty pool

To lie in face down

For when you aren't around

I’d stay ignorant to all the truths

That arise when i'm not with you

I’d bide the time

With raps and rhymes

Letting my hopes sprawl out into infinity

Until each was an echo

Of a chorus whos song

I'll sing

But whose words

I'll never know

Self Help

Help a nigga

Help a nigga

Cause a nigga needs some help

Self help

Self reflection

More reflection than that

That comes off this little window

I squeezed myself into

Knowin’ I did not fit

It made me dream of malleability

Than stretched its hands to offer elasticity

I accepted with open arms

To spite those cold shoulders

But this glare of this endless black sea

Hindered my vision

And left me at the beck and call

Of those sirens in the distance.

2 Cents of Adolescence

You are so much more

Than flesh and bone

A drifting dream

Fluorescent tones

So if you find yourself drifting away

Please come back

My eyes are no longer accustomed to the monotone

It seemed my feet were calloused to bear black and white terrain

I'd grown blind to starry nights and numb to rainy days

And bore the same weight as those adolescence told

That to garner strength

One must learn to eat the pain

Without warning it might swallow you

So you surround yourselves with those burying their sorrow too

For fear that if y'all dig it up the pain may only serve to hollow you

Push you to lean on solitude

So is woe

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