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By : Poetic Pattie

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Cuban Dominican artist Yelena Rodriguez has been taking over our very own local stages lately.  Whether it be to grace us with her vocals, sitting in as a panelist or taking home awards–the fire within this latin star isn't stopping any time soon. Ever since the release of her single Diabla, she’s been working behind the scenes to rebrand herself as an artist in numerous ways. The work first began back in 2019 when she started making music and really putting herself out there. Reluctantly, she wasn't singing in Spanish and only came across to listeners as R&B. That made the artist sit down with herself to question internally–”what is my sound?”. Her surrounding community always loved her spanish versions so that pushed the star to dig a little deeper and eventually to stop looking for any titles to define her artistry.

Yelena La Rosa is living in her truth as a Latin Soul artist and wants to display the depths of that within her passionate music. La rosa is the first stage of her rebranding and she is fully diving into this new persona unapologetically. The push behind rebranding came from a business perspective. Friends stepped in for advice but also helped La Rosa visualize herself into a light she always saw herself evolving into. Back in 2020 there were always jokes about changing her stage name. One night after a studio session with Skip 2 Dip Dip, Yelena discovered a song titled “La Rosa '' which he made just for her. The new song inspired an entire new revamping for the artist who  already has plans for the next couple of seasons to display La Rosa more on the creative side. “I wanna take some time to plan out my projects…which is why I havent dropped as much as I have been wanting to lately. Yeah everyone else is dropping but I know what's best for me.”

This summer the artist plans on meeting new producers for collaborations. Yelena has always realized the importance of a team and is looking for someone who understands her voice and sound to help her elevate musically. This summer it is in the works for Yelena to perform at festivals and shows even while traveling to Miami, NYC, Texas. Everywhere that the star visits is very accepting and latin heavy themselves with representation–so she is seeking to keep building those strong relationships within latin platforms. “I'm evolving music wise and as a human, as people watch they’ll notice a lot of changes when you grow it’s inevitable as things go on. I just hope things continue to elevate.”  



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