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"MaddenMadMan" by Premo.Dee

By Qadir Shabazz

March 28, 2021

Hip Hop is still alive, the beat is still booming throughout the streets and continuously inspiring the youth and inspiring the ones who’ve been around for its history. As it is a way of a cultural language, a cultural way of communicating our endeavours, the “spin” (a unique individual way of articulating the message within a rap or hip hop song) Premo.Dee took on in his latest record called “MaddenMadMan” is the kind of spin that will make his listeners to tap into a dimension of lyrical consciousness.

After releasing this single with a music video that depicts a simple concept of a “man’s cave” which includes rolling up some trees while playing Madden on a wide screen television with the perfect amount of sunlight coming through the windows—high ceilings with great company, Premo.Dee has gotten a great amount of eyes in his direction. You can now stream these good vibes on youtube.


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