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By : Shamus Hill

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There’s a lot more than food that’s cooking up in the apartment of rapper and beatmaker Briefcvse’s kitchen. Towards the tail end of February, the Jamaica Plain native launched a video series titled ALL IN A DAYS WORK, which features eclectic beats, instinctive raps, and unabashed creativity. What originally started off as a commitment to make “more stupid f*cking content” has turned into a microcosm for what both Briefcvse and his Massachusetts music-making counterparts have to offer.

Now settling into his third season, Briefcvse has more eyes on him than ever before. Briefcvse is positioning ALL IN A DAYS WORK as a creative hub for local collaboration and discovery, collaborating with such artists as Connis, Kleo, Premo, and Pro Swervez on this series. When originally formulating this video series, he envisioned it as a “conception to performance” style of programming where he would both come up with the idea for a song and crudely perform it, all within the span of a single day. Continuing with these thematic elements, Briefcvse is honing in on a style of music making that is incredibly raw, unrefined, and unconcerned. Using a combination of an original SP404 and an old SM58 to bring these creations into existence, Briefcvse samples an assortment of music in order to arrive at his final product.

Some of the standout episodes of ALL IN A DAYS WORK include Episodes 301, 205, and 006. On Episode 301, Briefcvse taps in Cambridge rapper, Connis. Dubbed “a very Massachusetts episode,” Brief chops a sample of Alison Kinnard’s “The Harpers Land” as Connis fires off clever lines about the 99 Restaurant in Woburn and dairy farming in Ireland. On Episode 205, Briefcvse links up with longtime collaborator Kleo, who is originally from Roxbury. Restructuring a sample from Singers Unlimited’s “Sentimental Journey” and another from an unknown artist’s song titled “Bravo Martovam”, Brief concocts a thunderous beat upon which Kleo raps with an unrelenting force. On Episode 006, Briefcvse sports a Fiorentina Nintendo jersey as he drafts an anthemic, horn-infused beat with rigorous intent. Though the three of these are personal standouts, the entire three seasons of ALL IN A DAYS WORK are worthy watches for those looking for something local, new, and exciting to listen to.

Of all the artists who make up Massachusetts’ local music circuit, Briefcvse has routinely been one of the most fearless creatives with regards to artistic expression. He doesn’t craft music with the intent of making something that the masses would like, but rather solely seeks to let his creative energies flow unbound. As was mentioned during his appearance in September 2022’s copy of the Boston Compass Newspaper, he has released albums spanning multiple genres under the names Seesull, Garbage Truckman, and the band RITA’s REVENGE. Despite these hops between avant garde, bedroom pop, and hardcore music, Briefcvse’s bread and butter lives within the world of experimental hip-hop and rap music.

Beginning with Episode 301 featuring Connis, ALL IN A DAYS WORK is currently in the midst of its third season, which will continue to unfold over the course of the month. All episodes, current and previous, can be watched on Briefcvse’s Instagram account, which is @briefcvse. As the series marches forward, Brief will certainly be bringing aboard an array of local talent, helping to bring out sides of their artistry that have never been seen before.

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #158 June 2023


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