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By : Shamus Hill

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As we begin to enter the winter months, we start experiencing a shift in aura that’s become routine during this time of year in Massachusetts. Days get shorter, nights get longer, and a somber feeling fills the air. Naturally, music serves as one of the best companions for the dark, cold nights that lay before us. One artist who specializes in an introspective, moving style of creativity that we all could use right about now is Cambridge native, Connis. Making quite the name for himself over the years with his intrinsically beautiful songwriting, his heartfelt and touching harmonies, and his innate ability to relay deepened emotion, Connis is a beloved member of Massachusetts’ music scene. Last month, he took it upon himself to guide his listeners towards the end of the year with a new EP titled “twice a day.”

Furnished with three songs that sit just shy of eight minutes in total length, “twice a day” is a short but sweet snapshot of where Connis’ mind has been—both creatively and personally. Seldom reluctant to inject his personal circumstances into the music he creates, “twice a day” becomes only the latest body of work to replicate his life experiences with fine precision. Centered around love, reliance, loyalty, emotional turbulence, and human connection, this EP is somehow jam-packed with emotion though its runtime begs to differ. Across each individual moment of this project, listeners are greeted with ambient melodies and soft-spoken verses. Teetering the line between lo-fi, Ambient, Electronic, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Alternative music, Connis bundles a multitude of his sonic interests together to create a special blend of music that’s uniquely his own. Each song reads like a journal entry, with listeners ultimately being able to get to know who Connis truly is on a deep level upon its completion.

“Carry” is the first song to compose the tracklist of this EP, and kicks off with solemn, nostalgic instrumentation followed by soft-spoken vocals. Carefully luring the listener inward, Connis takes on an hypnotic role here as relays lines about carrying his love interest when they need him most. Accompanied by a wondrous instrumental that was crafted by both Connis and ALFii, this single isn’t one that fans will be letting go of anytime soon. Following up on “carry” is “hope you find it” which features both vocals and production from Ultramarine Hour. Similar to “carry,” this single also finds itself rooted in a perpetual state of supporting someone you love. Despite there being inconsistencies and doubts that can cloud the relationship at times, Connis wants them to know that he’ll always be there—regardless of whether they will be or not. His luscious melodies ultimately culminate with some powerful vocals from Ultramarine Hour towards the latter half of the song. Capping everything off is an emotionally-drenched single titled “rest stop,” which features production from Connis and theworldbirdie. Centered around love loss and unyielding desire, “rest stop” is a vulnerable song that tugs at the heart. A beautiful wrap-up to a beautiful collection of music, “rest stop” places the cherry on top of what ultimately becomes an incredible body of work.

Though short in stature, “twice a day” is anything but in terms of meaning. For Connis, music has, and always will be, the avenue by which his emotions run freely, and that’s especially the case here. His particular affinity for expressing himself within his discography is particularly responsible for the impact of his catalog thus far, and will certainly continue to be a catalyst for success moving forward. If you’re in search of company on a cold, lonely night, then look no further than this EP.

—Shamus Hill

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #164 December 2023


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