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By : Shamus Hill

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Over the years, the music scene in Massachusetts has gone through phases. Led by different artists at different times, talents seemingly come and go, and new artists arise from the cracks to make an imprint on the sonic acclaim of the area. Though this may lead to discontinuity as it relates to an overarching artistic reputation, it gives way to a landscape of creativity that is constantly evolving. Despite this though, there are a few artists who have managed to maintain relevance and withstand the test of time, constantly pushing their catalogs to different heights and becoming staples within the local circuit of music. One such artist is Boston’s $ean Wire. With more than half a decade worth of music under his belt, $ean is continuing to surpass boundaries, and create groundbreaking art.

Though his music has roots in R&B and Hip-Hop, the music that $ean Wire creates exists in a world of its own. His ability to write and create music is unparalleled, as he somehow surpasses his prior releases with each new drop. Though he started to grow a buzz early on in his career after his initial singles were well-received by audiences, the moment things really began clicking was after his feature on Boston rapper Cousin Stizz’s album Trying To Find My Next Thrill. Impressing the masses with his delectable vocals, emotionally-charged verses, and unabashed creativity, $ean assumed position as one of the next greats from the Bay State. All of this was heightened even more following the release of his debut album Internal Dialect, which is regarded as one of the most polished projects to be released by an artist from Massachusetts within the last decade. Despite these past wins, $ean is hungry for more, and following his recent entry into fatherhood, he’s taking on the world of music with more determination than ever before.

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #159 July 2023


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