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By : Shamus Hill

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Appearing consistently on TV and Celtics social media during this year’s playoff runs was a face-tatted, jewelry-decorated rapper from Cambridge named Millyz. Though his success may seem recently established, he’s worked diligently on his rap career for more than a decade to become one of the Bay State’s most exceptional rhymers. It’s as though he’s in possession of a never-ending array of raps, many of which fire off at you with quick-witted precision. Whether it’s in a Medellín studio or on a radio station’s morning show, Millyz never lacks impressive bars.

Looking back on his prolific streak of music, it’s difficult to leave the work that Millyz is currently doing out of the conversation. Releasing several singles, an album, and numerous music videos, some featuring Jadakiss, Dave East, and Cousin Stizz, the Cambridge native never stops feeding his growing fanbase. Last month, he released a music video with notable NYC Drill rapper, Fivio Foreign, bringing one of the world’s most popular rappers right now into the heart of Cambridge, Massachusetts. He’s become a large part of MA rap music’s identity in recent years, as many from outside of the Bay State are finally being exposed to the creative sensations that are from here through his discography.

Not only does Millyz work with the titans of Hip-Hop music, he also collaborates alongside creators in our own backyard, including Dtheflyest, GNipsey, and JiggzTB, among others. Millyz’s contribution to the growth of the music scene here is inspiring in every way, and as the Cambridge native continues to evolve as an artist, I am excited to see the next creative direction he takes. Until then, he has an extensive catalog that we all can enjoy.

—Shamus Hill

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #148 July 2022


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