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By : Shamus Hill

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Neemz was first featured in our Massachusetts Minute column last December. Fast forward an entire year later to now, she returns to BCN’s pages with a brand new single titled “Guidance”, one that marks a stark point of development in this MA native’s musical career. During the last 12 months, she’s unleashed a stream of singles and music videos, and even gifted listeners an album titled It’s Above Me. Despite this consistent flow of music, “Guidance” is a moment where Neemz appears more poised than ever.

Centered around a journey toward self-awareness and developing a love of the process, “Guidance” is a reminder to stop and smell the roses as we embark on our goals. In this current age where social media and altered realities plague our minds, Neemz wants her listeners to take a step back and really become one with the moment. It’s easy to get lost and forget our purpose, but when we become cognizant of the positive signs that show up in life, everything we dreamed of seems to appear at our fingertips. Messages similar to this one are foundational within Neemz’s music. On every song that she crafts, she crosses deep meaning with incredible sonics, making her catalog one that ultimately serves a greater purpose.

When speaking with her about the origins of “Guidance” Neemz shared, “On this record, I was stepping away from my old job, old friends and the old cycle that had subconsciously become my unwanted routine. I realized everything on my path is ordained for me to reach my inner light and how vital it is to be present in moments to break old cycles. Although breaking free can be a lonely journey, in order to help awaken others, I needed to awaken myself first.”

Instead of letting life run its course, Neemz is taking things by the reins, controlling exactly where she’s going and how she’s going to get there. A message that many of us can truly benefit from, it’s important that we remember that we’re the ones in control of how things will pan out. Seek positivity, and you’ll forever be guided.

—Shamus Hill

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #153 December 2022


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